Liber Oz – English

by Mutabor

Translation by Sven Eychhorst / PeS

LIBER OZ, written in 1941, is a kind of summary of the Thelemic idea of Aleister Crowley. At the same time, it is nothing less than a declaration of human rights.

“Man has the right …” Crowley is much more than just talk. This is about recognizing one’s own being (= will) and the free act out, free from acquired constraints, social conventions and institutional hypocrisy. What is (and critics Crowley) like to forget is the fact that the true will of others is as sacrosanct as one’s own.

Once all men and all beings live their true will – so the view Aleister Crowley – is in the whole universe together harmoniously and no struggle arise against each other.

In this sense, we want interpret LIBER OZ.

Liber Oz | LXXVII

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