Text: Mutabor / Translation by Sven Eychhorst / PeS


Idea and foundation

The project ‚exhibitions Liber Oz‘ was initiated in October 2014 by Sven Eychhorst / PES (Magdeburg) at great and constant participation of Mutabor (Leipzig).
Operator of the website is Mutabor. We (Eychhorst / Mutabor) see ourselves as a private association which is responsible for all costs incurred yourself. The aim is a composite of people who want the artistic accomplishment of the subject of the ‚Liber Oz‘, regardless of what country they come from, nor what skin color they have. Everyone is cordially invited to the project and welcome to this. Interpret the Liber Oz, or passages from it in your own way.

Whether photography, sculpture, painting or music, etc .. It is completely up to you how to artistically converts the theme of ‚Liber Oz‘.


Additional Information

Idea and foundation

What is our intention?

About this websites

Your financial support will help us to make more widely known the Liber Oz.